Farm Caves

The Industry’s Finest & Safest Cannabis Growing Environments

Underground Growing & Storage Facilities

The Farm Caves team builds Cannabis growing structures underground. Offering ideal indoor growing environments with maximum security, filtered air, controlled light and unlimited flexibility.


Maximize your crop yields with minimal costs while saving time and energy.

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Grow Underground

1 acre of underground farming can produce the equivalent of 10 acres above.

Protected Operations with Low Profile

These large and strong energy-efficient concrete and steel earth covered Farm Caves offer growers reduced costs, more protection & increases production... often 10 times over traditional growing methods!

Low Costs on Construction & Utilities


Farm Caves' Structural & Earth Integration Advantages include:

  • Low cost per sq. ft.

  • Low utility costs... up to 70% savings

  • Innovative & versatile designs

  • Numerous plan & covering options

  • Durable, American-made concrete  and steel construction

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Improved ventilation control

  • Automated light deprivation systems

  • In-house design and construction

  • Structures of any size

  • Extra-tall options

  • Fast construction times

  • Optimal growing environments

  • Improved security & inventory protection

Maintaining the proper growing environment including temperature, moisture and lighting are essential to a thriving year-round cannabis growing operation.


Earth cover provides consistent interior temperatures near 60 to 70 degrees year round. Utility saving when underground is typically more than 50%. Plus, by managing ideal CO2 and lighting levels growers can achieve healthier, more profitable crops. 


This team offers coordinated planning, engineering, permitting and specifications for heating, cooling, ventilation equipment, finishes, etc. Plus, a traveling construction crew that builds your project on your site. 


Farm Caves listens to your individual needs and focuses on creating your most profitable and efficient business.



From Growing to Storage & Sales - Grow Caves offer Fast Results

Farm Caves provides cannabis growers with a one-stop shopping experience and expert consultation. These earth integrated buildings can be tailored to meet the exact needs of any grower or operation. An architectural specialist works with customers to ensure each are getting the ideal building for their operation in all phases of production, storage and sales.

From concept to completion, this team provides support, no matter what region. Earth-Sheltered growing buildings equipped with accessories, like lights, heating, cooling and growing systems produce more of the highest-quality harvests in all four seasons at minimal costs.. Plus, these underground buildings with 10" concrete walls and ceilings and three feet of earth cover are virtual fortresses. Increase you profits and protection with Farm Caves .

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Profit Advantages

These concrete underground cannabis production facilities will boost your business potential.  Farm Caves are the most energy-efficient option for the cannabis industry. It drops energy costs dramatically, and are virtually maintenance free.


Environmental control options enable operations on any scale while reducing labor. All of these factors, and many more, enable operations to become more profitable faster. Farm Caves' building systems cuts costs, lasts longer, are more flexible and safer. Contact us when you want the best choice.

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Farm Caves Applications:

  • Cannibis Underground Farming

  • Wine Caves

  • Brewery Production & Storage

  • Cheese Production & Aging

  • Mushroom Farms

  • LED Salad, Herb & Vegetable Growing

  • Secure Warehouse Storage

  • Attractive Hospitality & Event Spaces

  • Tornado • Hurricane • Fire Resistant homes, schools, businesses, shelters, etc.

Farm Caves

Traveling Construction Crews Nationwide

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